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Gabriola Community Investment Co-op

If you have a proposal now is the time to bring it forward.

The directors of the Gabriola Island Community Investment Co-op (GICIC) would like you to know about our participation in the Low Income Rental Project just announced by the Gabriola Housing Society. We concluded a Loan Agreement for $15,000 with GHS at the end of May to finance the project for one and a half years. The monies were needed to move the conceptual ideas GHS had toward actual plans and actual buildings. This fit well with our co-op priority of creating low-cost housing for Gabriola. It also helped GHS pursue land and project management skills at a time where they had limited resources. We could not announce this project until today as per our agreement with GHS. The message below has gone out to their members and we forward this to you. There are other projects we are pursuing that are still developing appropriate business plans.

The GHS Board is delighted and excited to announce that through a very generous donation by Emcon Services Inc., we have acquired 8 acres of level land on Paisley Place, close to the village and transportation! Tests show there is a good supply of water, and there is already a small park nearby, with beautiful walking and biking trails to the school and clinic.

GHS is deeply grateful for this early community financial support that enabled us to do essential legal work and due diligence investigations. Legal work was required to get charitable status and investigate possible properties. Government funding was not available until we had land, and getting land, even donated land, costs money. THANK YOU GABRIOLA COMMUNITY INVESTMENT CO-OP for your early support of this important community project.

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Island Impact

The Gabriola Community Investment Co-op will finance projects to create positive social and environmental impacts in our community, while also providing a modest financial return to our members. We will do this by raising capital through the sale of membership shares. This seed capital is then invested in impact ventures — local projects, land and organizations — that will help Gabriola grow a sustainable island economy and healthy community.


Based on our surveys of entrepreneurs and investors here on Gabriola and what has worked for other communities with investment co-ops, we’re focusing on these investment areas:

  • Sustainable local businesses and meaningful work

  • Food security and sustainable agri-food businesses

  • First Nations partnerships

  • Waste recovery and recycling

  • Clean technologies and renewable energy

  • Affordable housing

There are investment co-operatives growing in communities throughout Canada and British Columbia, including the Vancouver Island Community Investment Co-op, and we’re working with them to design the best possible model for Gabriola.
Imagine investing in fellow islanders who want to use food waste currently being ferried away to create nutrient-packed soil for Gabriola farmers, or value-added processing solutions to turn those island-grown vegetables and fruits into exciting new products and the jobs that go with them.
Investors receive a modest financial return from projects like that, and the whole island community benefits.

Co-op Model

Based on the feedback we’ve received at packed community events and from two surveys, we know there is a real appetite on Gabriola to build community and redirect some of our hard earned savings to projects that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

And there is no shortage of entrepreneurs with ideas and projects that could make a huge difference here on the island, from food security to housing solutions and renewable energy.

RRSP's Don't Stay

Over $4.3 billion in RRSP investments leave British Columbia each year, with $500 million flowing out of the Islands.

Not one cent is invested locally.

A Community Investment Co-op offers a new way to invest in people and projects that work for Gabriola.