The Green Loan Program is designed to assist Gabriolans to take advantage of the Green Rebate Programs which encourage sustainability and environmental protection. The range of these programs is broad; cisterns and installation; solar panel installation, heat pump installation, wood stove update, window and insulation improvements, EV charger, EV purchases and others. Most of these programs require purchase and/or installation before the rebate is paid, leaving the homeowner to shoulder the cost up front. A GREEN LOAN may help to bridge that gap.

The Information Sheet outlines briefly a number of these rebate programs. Please note: check all the eligibility requirements very carefully on the relevant websites as well as the application procedures. The RDN rebate for cisterns and installation is extremely popular and runs out of available funds quickly. Be prepared to act promptly in January 2022.

Members of the Sustainable Energy Co-op of Gabriola who wish to purchase Goal Zero products, are also eligible to apply to the Green Loan program.

Other energy and water conservation measures may also be eligible for the Green Loan Program. Questions welcome:

To apply for a GREEN LOAN review the Criteria and Process for Green Loans then complete the Green Loan application and send it to